We All Need Demonstrated Love

Romans 5:8 – “But God demonstrated his own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” NASB

I’ve been letting this text resound in my heart for a while. I’ll be preaching on it May 5th in Homiletics class… can’t wait.

This is what I’ve discovered.

1. My position as a sinner does not scare away Gods love. If anything, it is what makes his love true love. Knowing that while I was undeserving of this love, and against this love; he showed his love to me. In fact, he DEMONSTRATED it to me. In fact, he excused my position and established a new one for me. That is love.

– There have been instances in my life… where I have loved people even when they treat me like I’m little… and then in the same day, God would give me the same test, and I could not look past someones position of being wrong. I failed the true love test.

The point is, Christ looked past our position of being wrong. He was not moved by our lack of love for him… but rather without expecting anything in return from our end… showed love.

Why? Because his love is the point, it is the General walking in the room, it is the full focus, his love for us!

2. There’s a difference between being changed by his love, and being changed by his love to the extent of having the capacity to love others. Did you catch that?

Some people, are always asking God for his love, and seeking his love… and when they find it they are changed. Boom… they feel better.

Then there are others… who so desperately need the love of God and receive it… that it changes them and propels them into true love towards another. Love demonstrated to another. God loves people… that means you, yes… but the person next to you too.

The Point: Let God’s love change you in such a way that your focus would not be to just feel his love, but to show his love having the feeling of his love fully backing you up. Love demonstrated!

2B – Christ demonstrated stuff for a point… so that it could be practiced in the same manner by those whom have seen and experienced his demonstration.

Love this. Can’t wait to preach it verbally.

p.s. tomorrow I fly to BWI from RDU… I wonder what kind of opportunities I might have.


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