Called to Obedience In Love

I have been challenged lately to pursue God, to know more about him, to find out who he really is… not just who he is to me, but who HE IS! I have him asked to reveal attributes of himself  that my sin nature would oppose, but that I need to embrace regardless of how I feel. I realize however that it is only by the cross of Christ and through the cross and by his grace and divine revelation, made known by the cross that I can know God. In other words, I know nothing on my own, I only know what he shows me. Having said that, I have been in  a season in my life where I have been overcome by Christ’s pursuit of my heart and his demonstrated affection for me. I have had many long nights asking him  questions like “why do you love me knowing the fullness of my being?”. As you might recall my last post was a composition of some exegetical work that I had done on Romans 5:8. I have been stirred by this verse and it increasingly sows deeper affection of for his love for me into my heart as I meditate on it. This is all sooooo crucial in leading up to what I am about to say.

These past couple of days have been a time of God revealing himself to my heart regarding his role as Father. I have come to realize that I must know the Son in order to know the Father. This is a delightful insight. The way that Jesus has won my heart and continually brought a feast of renewal to my spirit, has caused me to know his love and his power and his will to reign in me, and his heart to demonstrate his love to me and for me. It has been a time of embracing my TRUE identity in Christ, seeking not the treasures of the world, but relying on him for my daily food and every day things. This is real to me, because Jesus has made himself known to my heart increasingly in the last 4 months or so at a new level, challenging me to rise up out of my current position (body, soul, mind and spirit.) . The fruit of this season is seen in how I see the rest of his body now, in regards to my approach towards other people. How deceived my heart continually is and how faithful is God to restore me to his heart. I am thankful for his restoration of my heart. Matthew 7, might cover that well! ;-). When your soul is at stake, it might be worth it to surrender and just OBEY! Obey in love and let the rest of the world see that TRUE – DEMONSTRATED LOVE changes you and changes people around you and changes your view of things! When you receive undeservingly, it might cause you to give undeservingly… our hearts need to be checked there for purity and obedience. We need to realize what we have, because God is calling us to be givers!

This brings me to the peak of my thoughts and my summation.

The Lord spoke to me last night concerning his role as Father, and confirmed it to me in Matthew 5  tonight. He revealed to me that we know the Son in order to know the Father! I never understood good works and obedience before this, I still do not fully understand. But would it not be the Father and his love for us to reveal himself through the Son to us, in order to change our hearts and woo us unto his heart. Would it not be the Father to establish grace and faith in our lives, taking time to spoon feed us as children and make us feel secure, allowing us to know his love for us regardless of what we do. In this he enabled us to  know him and obey him. I used to hate the word “deeds”… but I loved the word faith. However, real faith requires faithfulness… which requires obedience. MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM. Reading Matthew 6:30-34 and Lamentations 3:22-23 and hearing some John Piper exposition on these passages, caused  my eyes to be opened to the fact that Christ died to make us right with God the Father, and that once we are reconciled to Christ and find ourselves in him, we find the Father and his will for us… and there is a desire to obey him as our Father. This is not natural and a daily wrestle with our old self, our sin nature. Remember however that he is the best at giving you what you can handle based on knowing exactly where you are!

Through Christ we are changed and renewed and reconciled to the father for the purpose of good works on the earth… but really, just because he’s our dad and we are his children. He loves us and calls us to know him based on who he is and to just obey. The best is when he calls you to do something and he tests your faith in your faithfulness, not showing you the fruit ahead of time so that you can trust him and obey him as he rewards you with eternal life. There’s a beauty in obeying even when you don’t understand.

Today, lets ask God to reveal himself to us through the Son and turn our hearts towards  obedience to him!


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