From You to Me

Must I continually be more ashamed of introducing Jesus than He is?

He freely gave, have I freely given?

He called me out, have I spoken of him?

He gave me life, why do I play dead?

He came to me, seeking me in love, why do I deny his existence?

He bought me with a price, have I counted the cost?

He made me in his image, why do I look away?

He came to rescue, why do I not carry others out of the fire?

If my heart is his, may my light shine brighter.

He set me free; I will break your chains.

He spoke the Word; I will go to the nations.

His hands were pierced, my hands will give.

His life was surrendered; I will give my life also.

My heart is changed by perfect grace.

You gave me your life, and now in that life that I have, I will give it back to you.


Peter McCarthy 2011


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