My Cry: Psalm 51

Everyone knows Psalm 51, even if you didn’t know that it was Psalm 51, you’ve heard this.

v. 10-12

10″Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”


I was in the Dr. Office today, just feeling like hibernation was the best alternative to life at the moment. The feeling was there because over the past few weeks my physical health and my spirit-man health have been anemic, to say the least. I have felt the sicknesses of  near sightedness and personhood overwhelmedness (just go with me here.) You know, the feeling where you don’t refresh your heart and your mind to believe in the call of God for your life, and so you end up settling for what’s in front of you? You start to just plow ahead, knowing that’s it’s best, but somewhere along the way you forgot why you were plowing ahead… and then you were just plowing to plow. Proverbs 29:18 says, “without vision the people perish.” Who enjoys school more: the people who know what they want to be when they enter the work force, or the people who have no idea? It’s the people who know where they are headed. Why? Because looking ahead brings hope to their heart, which brings joy, knowing that God doesn’t just have things for you, but he’s preparing you for those things.

This process seems to happen to me often.

(Back to the Dr. Office seen.)

So there I was, wishing the light were just a little bit more dim and that my life were a little bit more bright. Then the Holy Spirit told me to take captive of my thoughts. I did. Immediately, Psalm 51:10 came to mind. I kept saying it over and over.

Here are my insights…

Create in me a clean heart, O God

AND renew a right spirit within me.

1. God, you’re the only one who can define a clean heart and a right spirit. I ask that you would give me clear vision as to what those are.

2.  My heart feels impure, because I have let my vision be quenched, I ask that when you align my spirit to what YOU call right, that my heart would follow.

3. I ask that my heart would respond to seeing you for who you are, and be refreshed by the renewing of my spirit.

John Piper teaches on v. 12 the best. This is how he takes it –

“Restore unto me the joy of my salvation, and renew a right spirit within me.”

David was in the middle of shame, he had just committed adultery, which was the fruit of a heart decline towards loving God.

So instead of David giving credit and time to the remembrance of  his sin, he says – “restore unto the joy of my salvation.”

Because the point of my life is to find joy in who you are and who you are to me (relationship.)

Final Thoughts::::

Ask God, where is my heart? Why has my joy been diminished?

God, would you show me you? Because my number one purpose in life is to love you!

Tell God right where you’re at.

For me it was this… God, I know that you know that my heart is grown away from you. I hate it. I don’t just hate it because everything else feels rotten, but because not being satisfied in you feels rotten. I want to be satisfied in you. If I can delight in you, then I know that everything else will heal. You called me first and gave me life, I ask that you would give my heart a beat again, and move it’s beat towards you.

Tell God where you’re at, and seek to have a heart that knows him and loves him. He knows you and loves you!

For the joysetbeforeme,


2 thoughts on “My Cry: Psalm 51

  1. Lysandra Blevins

    Wow Pete! What a great post. I think everyone can identify with this – it’s easy to lose vision when we only see what’s in front of us, versus through eyes of faith. The style of this post reminds me of excerpts from Jim Elliot’s journals (I’m thinking Shadow of the Almighty, idk if you’ve read it -it’s excellent). I really enjoyed this. I hope you keep writing.

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