Unpacking The Power of Patience

Patience is passion with utmost surrender. Patience is the disposition of love that enables the notion to bring oneself to the back, and push others to the front. There is no hurry for self-satisfaction, because patience is at work – or, love is at work. Love. Is. First. Patient. And patience produces power for pure love. Patience positions for perspective and enables kindness. It harnesses contentment and contently passes on the opportunity to envy, boast, and be arrogant. It doesn’t see itself at center stage, so it cannot be rude with the intent to hurt another. In the soil of patience there is no room to insist on one’s own way, nor be irritable or resentful. The roots of patience do not produce subtle sins that would rejoice in wrongdoing, but rather they produce fruit that is ripe with joy in the truth. Patience has set its eyes on ultimate satisfaction, and on its journey it bears all things, believes, all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Patience is the first expression of love.

Yes, patience is the framework for love. Love IS first patient. You cannot skip the apprenticeship with patience and end up having mastered love. It is the fruit of having been cultivated by a heart-gardening God, and it possesses the disposition of uttermost trust in that gardener.

In Colossians 1:11, Paul marries patience with joy. Could there be a better union?

What is joy? Hebrews 12:2  contains one of the most powerful word pictures displaying joy. For the JOY set before Him, Jesus endured the cross. To me, this paints a picture that His gaze was set on His joy in such a way that nothing could deter Him from His joy. He didn’t try to find joy in the midst of trial, it was His joy that led Him to walk through trial. The cross screams JESUS FIGHTS FOR HIS JOY!

Why is this important? Because when patience says no to everything else, joy professes YES to Jesus – and in this case, Jesus said yes to joy; you and me! Waiting, no problem, give me Jesus! Trials, no problem, give me Jesus! Disappointment, no problem, give me Jesus! Why? Because patience says, wait for me, and joy says, take hold of me. Patience is what compels us to wait for ultimate satisfaction! Patience harnesses power. Patience makes sure that nothing interrupts the timing of purpose.

The marriage of patience with joy produces such a revolution within the human heart that it begins to churn out the evidence of faith.

Patience is a fruit, and God is the gardener. If you really want to see patience, look at how He tends to you. If you really want to see patience and joy, look at how He pursues you. If you really want to embrace Christ-likeness, embrace Christ – He’s a person, He’s God. The power to be patient does not come from our own efforts, but by marveling at the patience of Jesus with us, and trusting that He can perform that same work in us. It all goes back to Him. We were the joy set before Him – He should be the joy set before us. In the discovery of the disposition of patience – may Jesus be your most sought after prize! Patience is crucial because it saves us for the best. Patience is the proclamation that you are satisfied in Jesus!

For the joysetbeforeme,



2 thoughts on “Unpacking The Power of Patience

  1. joypchoi

    This is incredible, Peter. Deep enough for a book. Nearly every sentence could be a chapter title or a daily devotion. Thanks for sharing.

  2. AnnaMarie Poskey

    I love your insight. May you continue to have revelation and new insights. Thank you for writing them down.

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