Love is Kind: Thoughts on Kindness

The Revelation of Kindness

Our hearts are subjected to the revelation of kindness. We didn’t think it up – we didn’t know what it was. It happened to us. We were made to receive the greatest cosmic explosion of kindness that ever hit the human heart. We were made to be so overwhelmed by this action of love – that we stand speechless. We were made to marvel at majesty and encounter the greatest scandal ever written. We were made to stand in awe at the length of persistent love that was demonstrated to us. We were made to weep when our feet are washed. We were made to rejoice when He took our place. We were made to surrender when love was undeservingly, but so thoughtfully expressed towards us. We were made to receive Jesus and His expression of love. We were made to be witnesses of kindness.

Kindness has no origin in the human heart. It began in the mind of God – thinking about you. It was incubated in His heart when He schemed the mission of redemption. It was expressed by God hanging on a tree, as a naked man, with an unrelenting will to make your heart unfold before Him. He wanted you.

Pure Kindness IS Unconditional

Romans 5:8 shows us that God – But God demonstrated His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners; Christ died for us.

God didn’t just love – He loved those in an eternal position of never deserving love. He didn’t just love in His heart – He expressed it to the undeserving. All the way through, Jesus was kind.

The initiative of God’s love for me leaves me undone. It leaves me marveling at kindness. True kindness should do that. It leaves us baffled that God never relented in expressing His love towards us. NEVER!

Ambassadors of Kindness

Those who receive this expression of kindness are brought into the family of love expressers, or, those who show kindness.

Kindness is sounding the trumpet of love through action. Kindness is not something we possess; it’s something we’re empowered for. It’s a fruit of the Spirit, because it’s the Spirit that plants the seed, not us. The Spirit brings about the power to be kind, not us. How would we know kindness without it being shown to us, let alone produce it? No. It is all Jesus.

Hearts that are full with wonder at God’s kindness towards us have the greatest propensity to be kind. We don’t initiate kindness – we distribute it. We are in every sense of the word, an ambassador. We aren’t the governing force of kindness, we represent it. This is both a privilege and a responsibility. Our hearts have passed on countless times to punch the timecard of kindness. But we are called to leave this world as a canvas displaying acts of God’s kindness.

The overflow of our rejoicing in the power of God’s kindness to us produces demonstration of kindness to others. Our power to be kind comes from being witnesses of the greatest kindness.

Church, unleash the power of kindness that has been displayed before you. People who contemplate the cross daily should have a hard time being passive in the call to be kind.

Battling Our Sinful Tendency

The world will want to pay you back. The world will turn it away. Our hearts do this in response to kindness, because we are making final attempts to be self-sustaining in light of the revelation that Jesus serves us better than we serve us. Kindness SHATTERS pride!

We are called to receive kindness, because it makes much of Christ – not of us. This positions us to give kindness that points to Jesus and not to us, which is the point.

The world will stand in awe. The world will ask deeper questions. Eyes will be enlightened. Hearts will start to believe. Joy will run deep. Jesus will be worshiped – When we begin to display the power of the cross. The power of His unrelenting demonstration of love, has unleashed the most powerful campaign in the world; the Church showing Jesus’ love through kindness. Kindness IS the second expression of love.

“Because Jesus has done everything for me I can now do everything for you without needing you to do anything for me.” – Tullian Tchividjian

For the joysetbeforeme,


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