Candid – That’s Can and Did

I have 16 blog posts that are all unpublished. For me, the process of trying to manufacture a blog post often shuts down my sensitivity towards perceiving what needs to be said, and how to say it. I often fail when filtering the intensity of my thoughts that are intended to become helpful writing.

Sometimes explaining the tension helps the tension dissolve. I love to write, and I write often, but I never share my writing, because I’ve already condemned it to failure. Heck, it truly might fail.

There’s something that doesn’t fail though – God’s word. I have a tendency to analyze God’s Word, often without letting it sink in and change me. A pharisaical process breeds pharisaical posture. Not that reading God’s word is pharisaical. Often, knowledge without love is pharisaical.

Posture is important. At the beginning of every year I set goals for myself. My goal for 2014 is disposition. I can’t even bring in a modifying word to further explain what I mean by disposition. I think I mean, choosing to take a posture that asks God to change my posture to one that is growing into a posture that is ready to receive and respond. I’m focusing on following. I’m focusing on being observant before active. I’m focusing on preparedness. I think that it comes down to the truth that I cannot control the future, but I can be ready for it. I cannot make things happen, but I can choose to respond well when things happen. If I’m before God, then my disposition will gradually shift towards humility. It has to. I can’t go before Him and be full of me. Not the real God, the God of the Bible. And if it shifts towards a low posture, then I will be positioned to receive.
1. My Heart will be empty – I will see the need to gain from a God that is outside of me and not me.
2. My Hands will be empty – I won’t be holding on to things. Not groping for control, but trusting that He will bless, and fill my hands with what I need.

Christianity really is a receiving religion. (I know, I know; it’s not a religion, it’s a relationship.) (Anti-religion has become cliché and just as hollow as religion. Being anti-religious can’t make you fall in love with Jesus. It’s easy to become religiously anti-religious, all the while missing the beauty of Jesus. Religiously pursue Him). Anyways, think about how passive our faith is.

  1. We couldn’t see Him – He made Himself known.
  2. We couldn’t love Him on our own – He changed our hearts to love Him.
  3. We couldn’t be free from sin on our own – He freed us from sin.
  4. We couldn’t receive required righteousness on our own – He gave us the required righteousness before the Holy Judge, His own righteousness.
  5. We couldn’t have love for people on our own, He is giving us love for other people. (I’ve really had to pray for this recently. Not because the people I’m around are impossible to love, but because I find it impossible to love without Him.)

Christianity is a receiving religion. Jesus gives us what we need. He gave us Himself – He’s what we need. Have yo-self some Jesus. Eat at the table of Jesus.

It is also a giving religion. Not to enhance our worth, but to show His. Not to gain for ourselves, but to show others that Christ is gain. I want to be like the people that passionately love God, and relentlessly and genuinely serve people with kindness. Kindness is attractive, convicting, and encouraging.

For Christian posterity (that’s religious), I am going to include a Bible verse.

Numbers 1:1 (I’m not even adding verse 2, but you might find joy in reading the two verses together. It’s up to you though to drink there or not).

“The LORD spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai, in the tent of meeting, on the first day of the second month, in the second year after they had come out of the land of Egypt, saying…” (that’s where verse 1 ends, it’s awkward that I ended there.)


  1. Moses is in the wilderness.
  2. God is speaking to Moses who is currently in the wilderness.
  3. God doesn’t seem to be apologizing for the fact that Moses is in the wilderness and God seems to be quite aware that He’s in the wilderness. He’s assuming the knowledge of Moses’ current whereabouts.
  4. They are in the tent of meeting. There is no absence of full encounter between God and man in the wilderness.
  5. There’s a tent of meeting in the wilderness, which God must have commanded for the Israelites to establish, and Moses probably had something to do with it.
  6. Moses is in the wilderness, and the living God is with Him. Not only that, but Moses has made a place to meet with God, which reveals His expectancy to meet with God in the wildnerness.

Our circumstances do not shift the way God sees things, only the way we see things.


If you’re in a wilderness – God wants to meet you there. He knows the time and hour of your life. He knows the nuances of your current life situation and He wants to meet you there. He wants to speak to you. He wants to capture your attention. He wants to be with you.

No matter what your surroundings are now, ask God to meet with you. He is not perturbed (I heard someone say that once, and I thought that I’d use it. After I typed it, I looked it up on to make sure that I was using it correctly) by the wilderness that He’s brought you into. He brought you there to get your attention. He brought you there because you have His. It really is a relationship.

For the joysetbeforeme,


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