A Tribute to the Influence of My Mother



As I thought about my mother on mother’s day, I began to settle in on the idea that the best thing that she gave me was a determined love for The Eternal God.

Mother’s day is cute. We say stuff about our moms that wouldn’t be elicited otherwise. Most guys my age are like, oh crap, I guess my mom did do a lot. In our hearts, we give Kevin Durant speeches; we all know that our moms were the real MVP. But the details we give to support that argument and those emotions usually only speak to the innate mothering instinct that every mother has. Saying thank you for giving birth should definitely not be taken for granted, especially these days. But there are more to moms than innate mothering instincts. Yes, I’m thankful that someone fed me and clothed me, and that I’m alive. But truly, this mother’s day, I’m thankful for more.

I’m thankful for the persuasive, persistent, prevailing influence of my mother and her resolve to pass on an unrelenting appreciation of the truth that Jesus is alive. More valuable than the moments we shared is the hope that she helped to fix me on. More emotionally persuasive than her comfort, is the Comforter that she introduced me to. More satisfying than the meals that she fed me, is the Banquet Master who invited me to His table.

The greatness of my mom is not that she capitalized on her innate instincts. The greatness of my mom is that she yielded what was temporal to introduce me to the One who is eternal. Her life hasn’t been spent on cashing in temporal comfort for her children. Her life has been spent opening the wardrobe so that I could see Narnia and meet Aslan. My mother made introducing me to the Living God a priority. And for that, having walked with the Living God and been changed by His immovable love for me, I am thankful.

She valued my eternal security more than my earthly security. She guarded me from loving baseball more than Jesus and family. She forced me to go to youth camps where I heard the gospel preached, and was forced to socialize with other homeschoolers. She taught me to open up Proverbs before opening up my math book, which makes sense now that I live in DC; it is better to have Jesus and peace than to have the world and the world’s wisdom. It’s better to have sense than cents. (I couldn’t resist).

Reflecting on these things it has become obvious to me that even my mother’s indirect influence has had exponential growth. So much of what I value now at least came out of the soil of my mom preparing me to exchange receiving Jesus’ life for my own.  The seeds that have been planted in my life by my mother have the capacity to blossom into flowers that plant more seeds; causing exponential “spiritual; dividends”. I’m not talking about babies people, I’m talking about pieces of the revelation of Jesus.

Mom, thank you for cultivating in me a love to receive from the greatest Gardener. Thank you for being a trail of stardust that led me to the superstar (Lecrae Quote) . Thank you for using your temporal life to introduce me to the one who has given me eternal life. The seeds that you have sown in this life have deposited many eternal blessings for me.

The fruit of your gardening skills will outshine your life, because you have introduced me to Jesus, the Eternal One.

Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

For the joysetbeforeme,




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